Watergoat is the absolute best storm water debris solution available! Indestructible, inexpensive and easy/safe to maintain. Attaches in minutes to any/most storm water 'outfall' applications. 727 459 2301

Watergoat's are always supplied 'at cost or no cost' to municipalities, schools and community HOA's. These devices are working 24/7 throughout the southeast, U.S.

   Contact 727 459 2301 ... Admin@TampaBayRescue.org

'Watergoat's' are deployed throughout the southeast U.S.:

Miami Fl.,  Orlando Fl.,  Kissimmee Fl.,  Tampa Fl.,  St. Pete Fl., Clearwater Fl.,  Largo Fl.,  Pinellas Park Fl.,  Dallas Tx.,  Carbondale Ill.,  Disney/Reedy Creek Fl. and Chevron Refineries.


Capture Organic Materials!

Watergoat's allow water to flow freely (1/4" displacement) while capturing all debris which may include plastics, metals, paper products as well as organic materials. Installs in minutes and can be safely maintained from most embankments with a average 'pool scoop'. Using a wildlife friendly - submerged 12" net the Watergoat attaches to 'earth anchors' that allow the device to raise and lower with rapidly fluctuating water levels. Watergoat is the absolute best storm water device available!

(In nature, Goat's are widely known to eat anything and everything - especially trash, hence the name WATERGOAT. Unfortunately with over 3500 Bay area storm water 'outfalls' vomiting trash into our waters after each rain event, there is plenty for the Watergoat's to eat!)

Micro - Plastics Data Collection

Watergoat Data Collection!